wood export companies

wood export company

Wood and wood product exports have been on the rise since 2014 with growing global demand and the livelihood of millions of Indonesians dependent on this sector.

Wood is essential in modern construction as a construction material in the form of panels, trusses, I-beams, glulam beams, joists, and floorboards. Timber may be stained, varnished or painted, or left its natural color. 

Timber is a primary resource used by man from ancient times. Even today in the modern world, timber is still extensively used in various parts of the world. Timber has been used as a basic material for building various items and houses throughout the world. Oak and Teak wood is widely used in making doors, window frames, and several other furniture items. Wooden logs are also used in making toys and vehicles. Tin and Iron cans are recycled with wooden tops to make different kinds of containers. Timber serves as an important material for many applications such as panels for home construction and outdoor furniture like picnic tables, benches, etc.

What is wood export?

Wood Export is the term used for the process of transporting wood, logslumber, and wood products from one country to another. A company or organization engaged in the wood export business is termed used as a Wood Exporter.

Why should you hire an expert supplier?

Choosing the best wood exporter for your project isn’t easy. It involves thoroughly researching various companies and factors such as their reputation, warranty period, returns, and quality. An experienced wood exporter can narrow down your choices considerably. The quality of service offered will also be dependant on the company. 

A good wood exporter will give you competitive quotes and give you access to seasoned industry professionals with experience in sourcing, handling, and shipping lumber from large industrial facilities. Whether you are looking to supply a small home or large business with specialist hardwood, look to the experts. Your wood supplier will also have the wherewithal to enable you to bid competitively on quality wood from small mills, ensuring you get the best possible deal for your financial investment.

Wood Export with SALT Operations

SALT involves the process of exporting wood to different destinations with different standards and specifications. There is a process for this that has played a significant role in the industry. 

When it comes to exporting wood, we’re an expert in the field. With SALT operations, we are able to transform logs into valuable finished products for customers. This process is very versatile as it can be used again and again. At SALT Logistics—which is also a wood export company—we help you ship your wood exports to any destination around the world. We know how different nations work with wood, and we make sure that your shipment meets the standards of every country. 

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