Rules and regulations differ from one country to another and sometimes even from one port to another. The different requirements are why working with an experienced logistic and customs service provider is essential for exporters and importers. Having the right customs clearance ensures that your transportation costs are kept low and that the transactions take place within the delivery period, thus exempting you from demurrage parking charges.

International shipments involve a large amount of paperwork and it is essential that your information is accurate. SALT is an authorized customs clearance and transportation agent, which means that we can assist you in all your customs formalities. We can take care of customs clearance in any destination port, export documentation, as well as the final delivery of the container.

FACILITATING THE CLEARING PROCESS: SALT can guide you through the preconditions for shipping abroad. We are tied to the latest customs regulations and conditions.

AVOID ESSENTIAL EXPENDITURES: Our logistics services can provide customs clearance to avoid costly postponements, fines and penalties.

DOCUMENTS: We ensure that import documents comply with all federal requirements and regulations.

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