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About us

SALT is a Cameroon-based Logistics solutions provider. Our company is made up of a group of professionals with extensive experience in international logistics, transportation, and customs clearance of commodities; our activities also include tropical timber species trade. All of this complies with international regulations. We see ourselves as a bridge between international exchanges.

Customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront of our priority list. Any or corporation participating in sea, land, or air imports and exports can benefit from our custom-tailored solutions, which are precisely matched to the sorts of activities and needs.

Thanks to the superior quality of our services, we aim to be a leader in the logistics and trading sector in the sub-region through exceptional customer service.

international air freight services

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Integrated Logistics & Transportation

 international air freight companies

A vision of delivering an industry-leading customer experience is never enough—it’s a treat to the eyes! Our customers’ businesses rely on getting the right solutions to the right market at the right time. SALT Operations aspires to be a true logistics provider that connects people, countries, and cultures together and keeps them connected.

Multimodal Transportation Services

Salt offers door-to-door, multimodal, and customized solutions that meet our customer’s specific needs. As an international transportation company, our operations range from local daily shuttle runs to regional full truckload services, to global expedited shipments to and from every major port in the world.

  • International Air Freight Services
  • International Road Freight Service
  • Integrated Sea Freight Solutions

Logistics & End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

We are at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions that combine our global network and depth of knowledge with cutting-edge digital technologies to get goods faster to the customer. We specialize in resolving your supply chain needs from beginning to end, simplifying container shipping for you.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Moving and Relocation
  • Clearance 
  • Monitoring
supply chain management

Timber Logistics & Agricultural Export 

SALT Operations is the largest freight forwarder in Cameroon, focused on exporting tropical wood products, such as timber, logs, cashews nuts, coffee, beans, seeds, and more.

SALT Operations is one of the major agents in west-central Africa, dedicated to offering its vast experience as a leading player in the timber logistics industry, and agricultural export/import operations. We specialize in organizing and carrying out commitments for projects ranging from rail and road transportation around the area to warehousing, classification, clearing, loading, and unloading. Our timber and wooden products are of the greatest standard, making us one of Cameroon’s best timber logs suppliers.

  • Wood Export Services 
  • Most In-Demand Agricultural Product Supply
  • Cameroon Timber Exporters            
  • Timber Logs Suppliers


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