International Shipping Services

International Shipping Services

International freight shipping is an integral part of the global supply chain. With today’s increasingly competitive markets, online retailers need to plan for rapid and efficient delivery of goods across national borders to reduce the likelihood of lost sales opportunities to competitors. Customers look for speed and efficiency when receiving their ordered goods via express services and e-commerce sites. 

Shipping is an activity that lacks many fans in today’s marketplace. Nonetheless, it plays an important role in the international market. It’s been a commodity and a low-cost choice for a long time, but with the rise of eCommerce, there’s a greater demand for shipping services.

If you have recently expanded or are planning an international site launch, you’ll need to evaluate the shipping options available to you in your market. In doing so, however, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complex array of pricing estimates, delivery estimates, and emerging shipping services companies at your disposal. 

Customers are more likely to appreciate and establish long-term relationships with logistic firms that offer excellent convenience through end-to-end services. For example, international business mail-order customers appreciate it when businesses provide tracking for their packages.

Advantages of International Shipping

Shipping is an industry that has seen increased growth recently with the popularity of eCommerce and online shopping. Countries like China and India have been known as their top sources for online purchases. With so much competition, many companies are looking to boost their reputation with customers by providing them with more options when it comes to choosing what they want to be shipped to their country. Though it may seem cheaper than regular shipping, international shipping can deliver products that may be heavy or oversized which may not be the case with domestic shipping.

There are many advantages of international shipping services including:

  • Global Reach: A worldwide shipping network has faster and better delivery times compared with local shipping services.
  • Brand Visibility Enhancement: Having brand recognition increases traffic to your website. With a worldwide brand image available, people are more likely to want to buy products from companies that actually exist and not just brands based in countries with large populations. 
  • Alleviate Product Saturation: Shipping costs are cheaper than going to the store and buying the exact item you need. With the challenge of a saturated market, every business requires to expand its reach and since international shipping is available, products can easily be distributed throughout multiple countries and geographic regions.

Salt Operations: Global Shipping Services

Salt Operations is a reputed logistic company based in Cameroon that renders international logistic services. We organize, secure, and carrier-grade cargo deliveries as well as managing the entire process from start to finish. Our clients are usually large companies that need to get materials delivered at an affordable price to their overseas manufacturing facilities. 

We provide secure packaging solutions for all shipments throughout our region. We also assist with insurance strategies and monitoring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements as dictated by governments around the world.

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