International Air Freight Companies

International Air Freight Companies

Air Cargo is the fastest international shipping solution over any other method. It is a more reliable and convenient choice for you to ship your commodities with less risk. Shipping your goods using Air Freight lets you prevent your goods from getting damaged during the shipments and take less time to reach the requested destinations.

SALT Operations is the leading Air Freight Company in the entire in Douala, Cameroon that serves worldwide and domestic customers. We, with Salt Operation, are involved in day-to-day Air Freight importing/exporting services and accomplishing our clients’ needs to the highest satisfaction. 

As a renowned Air Freight Services Companywe operate local, domestic, and international logistic services regularly. Our powerful global reach makes us the fastest air shipment company and helps us transfer your door-to-airport or door-to-door freight requirements at a high pace.

Why should you choose Air Freight Service with us? 

While there are many logistics companies in Cameroon that provide air imports and exports service, we at SALT Operation, position ourselves on the first spot to provide you exclusive facilities that meet your requirements as well as international standards.

The benefits of shipping your cargos with SALT Operation are:

  1. Safe and secure transportation. Airway Transportation is your reliable, safe, and secure option with speed. You can plan your import/export air shipment needs to operate from one location to another for fast, easy, and reliable loads.
  • Less risk of damage: Air transporting allows you to ship your goods or commodities anywhere, without any hassle because air cargo transportation reduces the risk of damage or being theft.
  • Require less packaging: Since Air freight is the safest method of shipment, it does not require any added or heavy packaging of commodities.
  • Lower insurance premium: The air cargo does not take much time to cover its destinations, therefore, the insurance premium itself gets lessened.
  • Less warehousing requirements: As compared to other shipment options like sea or land—air freight transportation is fast in handling cargo operation, inspection, and customs clearance that help the cargo cleared within hours. 
  • Worldwide connectivity: Salt Operations has wide network relationships and tie-ups that connect all the major countries and ports to provide you fast air freight services. Our air cargo services are not only limited to domestic operations but also deals with regular international air bookings.

As a leading logistic service provider in Douala, Cameroon, we know our duties well and we understand the safety of your assets. Hence, we protect your cargo with all our heart. 

Air cargo or air freight service is a fast, secure, and easy way to transport your goods, it is also a bit costly compared to sea or land transportations. If you want to book your Air freight shipments with us, contact us today!

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